Cheap WordPress Hosting – Things To Consider Before Buying

Are you curious about starting a WordPress website, but don’t have much money for hosting costs? If you’re like one among the millions of aspiring website owners on a budget, then you’re likely tempted to start your adventure into the realm of internet sites with an inexpensive WordPress hosting provider. Because WordPress may be a relatively lightweight framework, which may run on a server that supports MySQL 5 and PHP, it’s not very expensive to order server space. due to this, many hosting providers offer “cheap” or maybe “free” WordPress hosting. However, goes a budget route safe and secure? Moreover, are you able to really achieve your website dreams by doing business with one among the various discount hosting services sprinkled throughout the internet? While you'll achieve your online goals without spending many dollars, there are several key elements you want to consider before making a final judgment. If you’re curious about making your WordPress site a pleasant experience,…

HIPAA Compliant WordPress Hosting

HIPAA web hosting is not any longer an option but a necessity for healthcare providers who want to stay compliant with the HIPAA guidelines. HIPAA hosting should provide technical and physical safeguards to make sure patient information is protected when it's transmitted. WordPress is one of the foremost popular content management systems allowing convenient and straightforward creation of internet sites. What wont to be a fanatical blogging platform has recently become the well-liked CMS platform for businesses website hosting. If your organization deals with protected healthcare data there are several considerations you would like to form when using WordPress for HIPAA hosting. Business Associate AgreementsGenerally, WordPress doesn't sign business associate agreements with entities that require to suits HIPAA. However, this doesn't rule out the very fact that WordPress is often utilized in the healthcare sector. If you plan to make an internet site or blog where you shar…

Web Server Speed Test | Step-by-Step Guide

Testing web hosting server speed is as easy as entering your site URL. However, like the other website metric testing tool, it’s important to utilize a service capable of delivering accurate and thorough results. The HTTP/HTTPS Web Server Test is specifically designed to supply deep-level speed metrics solely on web server health and functionality. This test provides results for several KPI’s, including server response code, time to load, and server response errors. The test runs from 28 global locations, including cloud services (AWS) and from behind the good Firewall of China. The best part? This free tool analyzes your site in three steps: Step One – Enter Your Website InformationFrom the most page, enter your website URL within the search field. confirm to settle on the acceptable Server Type (HTTP or HTTPS) also because of the Request Type (GET or POST). Step Two – Provide Optional Testing ParametersUnlike most other web hosting server speed testing tools, you furthermore may have a …

how to check web hosting server speed

Is your website underperforming? have you ever tried everything you'll think about to spice up your overall site performance, however its response times area unit still sluggish? If thus, then you'll be attempting to repair the incorrect factor. While virtually eighty p.c of all web site speed problems area unit associated with front-end errors, like non-optimized pictures, chunky code or broken page parts, your visual style elements aren’t continually responsible. Regardless of however refined your website cryptography could also be, or however, you’re optimizing and pressing web site files, if the hosting server is underperforming then no quantity of tweaking can alleviate your speed drawback. Your web site hosting service is that the brain powering your entire digital being. very similar to humans, if the brain is broken or lacks correct nutrients, everything it controls is negatively wedged. Although you ought to take care once choosing an online hosting supplier, even the gre…


PHP may be a popular scripting language that's designed to supply dynamic sites (e.g. login pages, shopping carts).

PHP code is embedded into the HTML source of an internet site and is run on the online hosting server instead of on the browser. So, if you check out the ASCII text file of a PHP website, the code that you simply see is simply plain HTML. Since PHP may be a universal scripting language, websites created with PHP are fully compatible with popular mobile devices just like the iPhone and iPad. an outsized number of popular websites, including Facebook and Wikipedia, are written in PHP.

WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are the foremost commonly-used open source content management systems written in PHP. tons of webmasters choose these three platforms to create their websites due to their flexibility. There are tons of themes and plugins created for these three platforms and webmasters can create professional-looking websites supported these systems with just a couple of cl…


When someone types within the address: that name is translated into numbers (called an IP address) then the pc is directed thereto IP address which is that the internet site. Every internet site on the web is found not by its name but by its IP address.

You can reach a site by typing within the IP address alone which will take you on to the location. But note, not every single website has an IP address specifically allocated thereto . for instance, every single website on this server doesn't use different IP addresses.

So you would possibly see and using an equivalent IP address. Basically what happens is that when is resolved into the IP address, the person trying to find arrives at the server; the server then realizes that the person is trying to find and sends that page to the person requesting it.

Using quite one site on an IP address is named sharing IPs or a Shared IP address…
Over the previous couple of years, most of the main web hosting companies have transitioned their data center hardware from web servers installed with traditional hard disc drives (HDDs) to new Solid State Drives (SSDs) for better performance and faster speeds. hard disc drive (HDD) storage technology dates back to the 1950s and operates similarly in some ways to phonograph recordings or vinyl records. Data is stored in patterns magnetically on a spinning machine with each drive equipped with a sensor apparatus that will hunt down the knowledge and send it to the CPU.
Solid State Drives (SSDs) became common around 2009 and contain no rotating parts in their design, constructed rather from NAND-Flash memory almost like what's utilized in RAM chips or thumb drives. SSDs offer much faster read/write times on data transfers compared to HDDs primarily because there's no head and arm mechanism wont to hunt down the knowledge. SSDs use integrated circuits to store digital files in bin…